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Property Capital Allowances

We can help Landlords & commercial property owners/developers identify and then claim unidentified Property Capital Allowances and receive tax refunds.

As long as you own a commercial property, an HMO, Student-let, Serviced Accommodation or Holiday-let and pay UK tax then you are entitled to claim. 

Here’s some further information:

Landlords with HMO’s, student-lets, multi-lets, serviced accommodation, property developers & commercial property owners can retrospectively claim for items embedded within their property at the point of purchase. This includes bathroom/toilet fittings, lighting, fire safety systems, security systems, electrical wiring, air conditioning and many other items that can be classified as "plant & machinery."

This short video below is for landlords, property owners and investors: it highlights how many commercial property owners can reduce their tax liabilities by claiming Property Capital Allowances on their commercial property.

When a buyer purchases a commercial property, they don’t just acquire the building and the land...they also acquire the properties fixtures. This means that at the point of acquisition, a UK taxpayer may be able to claim Capital Allowances on the value paid for qualifying fixtures. Capital allowances may also be claimed on:
1. Certain types of building improvements and/or renovations
2. Assets that are used and owned by the business
3. Certain types of machinery and specialist equipment that is used for business functions
You and your Accountant may think that you have claimed everything to which you are entitled...the video explains why this may not be the case.

How Much Can You Claim?

The amount of Property Capital Allowances claimable is different for every industry. They range from 10-15% for HMO’s with up to 45% for Care Homes and Hotels. The lettings industry can claim for all the ‘assets’ in the communal and non-dwelling areas.

Who Can Claim?

You must be a UK tax payer and be paying tax. Typically you will receive a rebate against your last 2 years tax, you will offset the Allowances against this year’s tax bill and if there is any excess, carry that forward to mitigate your future tax bills. You will also need your portfolio to be worth at least £350,000 to make it worthwhile.

Surely they have been claimed by myself or my accountant against all the invoices I have already paid and claimed for in improving my commercial property?

The answer is NO!

Unless you have had a survey by an experienced Capital Allowance expert (usually 12-15 pages with photographs and the list of everything quantified and claimable) then you have definitely NOT claimed all the Capital Allowances you are entitled to. These allowances have been enshrined in law since 1878 and are available to be claimed by commercial property owners.

Our message is simple: Claim now to start saving tax! Some examples below:


Purchase Price: £4,070,500
Capital Allowances: £1,146,281

Tax Saved: £243,012

Purchase Price:
£514, 500
Capital Allowances: £122,370

Tax Saved: £24,474

Purchase Price: £1,034,148
Capital Allowances: £250,467

Tax Saved: £52,598

Purchase Price: £215,000
Capital Allowances: £45,843

Tax Saved: £9,655

Purchase Price: £311,250
Capital Allowances: £44,339

Tax Saved: £18,800

Purchase Price: £305,000
Capital Allowances: £36,619

Tax Saved: £15,673

In association with The Bailey Group of Chartered Accountants, we can provide a very specialist tax service with a 14 year success record.
As in all tax law, there are a large number of variables, which is why it can be such a complicated claims process.

The amounts of Capital Allowances available differ for each industry and relate to the purchase price and development costs. They range from 10% - 15% for letting property, up to 45% for hotels and care homes.

Every property is different and every investor’s tax situation is unique and personal.

We are here to help you and your accountant with specialist tax advice to submit your claim to HMRC.
The process: 

Here's four common misunderstandings

1/ Our Accountant has claimed everything already

No...that's unlikely: your Accountant will have claimed Asset Capital Allowances on your behalf but unless they have commissioned a full Property Survey, then it's highly unlikely that they have claimed all your Property Capital Allowances.

2/ Plant & Machinery can only be claimed in a factory

No...there are over 400 definitions of what can be claimed as Plant & Machinery: We worked with a sheep farmer who successfully claimed for his Sheep Dogs, as "Plant & Machinery".

3/ Property Capital Allowances can only be claimed when selling

No...if you own a commercial property bought before 2014 you can claim if you have not claimed previously, but if you buy or sell a property after 2014 and don't claim at the point of the sales contract, then the opportunity to claim is lost forever.

4/ Property Capital Allowances for HMO’s & Student-lets

If you own an HMO or Student-let, you can usually claim Property Capital Allowances for these types of property even if bought after 2014 and no claim was pursued at the point of the sales contract (i.e. separate rules apply to these two classifications of property)  

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